“Rick’s rise to the top of network marketing companies over the past 20 years is no accident. My late husband Mark Yarnell (Author of best seller: Your First Year in Network Marketing) and I have known Rick for 15 of those years and have witnessed his rise through hard work, discipline, perseverance, professionalism, and ultimately a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Congratulations Rick on your success”!

Valerie Bates Author, Entrepreneur Coach, Networker April 13, 2017

“Rick is a very successful entrepreneur in network marketing with whom I have known for a number of years and have worked with in the past. His success is a result of consistent and daily application of the fundamental strategies and tactics of network marketing. Rick is a true student of the industry, and it shows in what he has been able to accomplish”.

Larry Thompson, Network Marketing Icon The Original Mentor to the Millionaires. Architect of Wealth Building Co-founder of a publicly traded, billion-dollar company April 13, 2017

"Rick Hagar is the epitome of quality, integrity driven leadership in the networking industry. His desire to see others succeed and having the backs of his leadership team consistently time after time is a key part of his continued success in our industry. Rick is a high value asset to his family, company, and field teams - the ultimate professional."

Randy Anderson, Entrepreneur July 10, 2017